French singer, musician, composer, producer and painter of 39 years old, based in Paris (Fr).

I have spent most of my adult life on tour with europeen mainstream artists such as Camelia Jordana, Jeanne Added, Naive New Beaters, Laura Cahen but has also been a part of underground rock-electro/punk/fusion bands witch gave me the opportunity to record more than 15 albums from Paris to Los Angeles, as a bass player, keyboard player, singer and percussionist.

TINP Live Set

My actual music project is called TINP, for this is not punk. I started experimenting with my own electronic music in 2019. My productions are influenced by minimal techno, distortion and all kind of bass club musics. 8 tracks out and available on all plateforms: TINP's website

    June 23: TINP, New track "RUN" Release
    June 24: TINP, Live set @ Le Plan (Ris-Orangis)

Music Lessons

I am also very pleased to teach (fr/en) a part of what I know to who's interested, music in general, piano, bass, solfege and vocals. I am also available to give masterclasses, in peson or online. Contact me for any quesitons or make an appointment.

Abstract Paintings

Check out my paintings and DM if you're interested