1989 - 2005
Born in 1983, I began learning the piano at the age of 6, in Lorraine (north-eastern France). In 1996, I joined a rock band as the lead singer and bass player. I studied musicology at Nancy University II and modern music at the International Music Academy.
2005 - 2011
In 2005, I moved to Paris where I studied vocal technique, stage presence and music production at the Studio des Variétés, Le Coach, the D.L.F and Rezonne associations, with the NEHR trio.

2011 - 2013
In 2011, I founded Alternative Cult and released my first solo album, Love, in March 2012. I wrote, performed, recorded the 15 songs. 2 shows were performed with guests: 2 drumers, 2 singers/dancers and 2 musicans.
2013 - 2022
The release of Love (Alternative Cult, 2012) was a major turning-point and I began to performe and record with many artists : Jeanne Added, Camelia Jordana, Laura Cahen, Naive New Beaters & Izia, Vise Versa, La Nébuleuse d'Hima, Toby Screamer, Memories Of A Dead Man, Drama Of The Spheres, Shaarghot...
2018 - 2019
In 2018, I composed new personal songs, with synths for a new project HENRY. I surrounded herself with the sound-engineer/producer Frédéric Vectol and with Michael Rangeard for the mastering, from the Parisian studio Question de Son (Fr).
2021 - 2023
My new project is called TINP, for This Is Not Punk, this is techno. 8 tracks available everywhere.


    Discography and productions

  • 2023: TINP "Supreme" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Custom Made" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Karma Superstar" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "No Clue" SINGLE
  • 2022: TINP "Dead Woman Walking" SINGLE
  • 2021: TINP "Boiler" SINGLE
  • 2021: TINP "What Now" SINGLE
  • 2021: KAT KOAN "Cocoon" LP
  • 2021: TINP "Keepers" SINGLE
  • 2019: JEANNE ADDED "Radiate live" LP
  • 2019: HENRY "Noka Paradise" EP
  • 2015: VISE VERSA "Living a Lie" LP
  • 2014: LNH "Falling between two stools" EP
  • 2014: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "Puzzled view" LP
  • 2014: MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN "Ashes" LP
  • 2012: ALTERNATIVE CULT "Love" LP
  • 2012: AH for BIEN ENTENDU EDITIONS "Origin" EP
  • 2012: MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN "Vitriol" LP
  • 2012: DRAMA OF THE SPHERES "A Kafka tale" LP
  • 2012: LNH "Once upon a time" EP
  • 2011: NEHR "Transe moderne" LP
  • 2009: NEHR "Nerfs" LP
  • 2007: NEHR "regarde mes nerfs" LP

    Sound Design and commercials

  • YSL and Givenchy (Gum)
  • Strate (Design School)